National Conference

This week has been a very busy one. We have been at the Christian Venues Association National Conference at CYC Phillip Island Adventure Resort. It has been a phenomenal week of sharing, being well fed, catching up with friends near and far and meeting new friends in the Christian Camping industry, which my husband and I have a heart for.

I had the opportunity to run two workshops which gave some attendees a chance to craft with me. In one of my classes I had kids and adults. So I needed to create a class for both which can be difficult. I decided to go for some colouring for the kids and some stamping for the adults.

My husband and I support this ministry in various ways as Ministry of Tech. We like to have some fun at the National Conference. And we like to find fun ways to get everyone to interact and this year was no exception. We organised a giant game of scrabble for all the delegates. Many people didn’t play, but those that did were very competitive. At the end of the allotted time there were 100 plays and over 100 words.

Our eldest flew down by herself on the Monday after we arrived. So we just had our youngest with us and we had a bit of fun when we were setting up the AV gear.