Connect16 Conference

This past week my family and I went up to volunteer on a Christian Camping Conference. We have a heart for the camping industry and we have volunteered on this conference since 2008 when our eldest daughter was only 1.

This year they asked if I would be interested in running a workshop.  I didn’t know what this was going to look like.  I set the room up with shoe boxes with all the materials for each card and displayed a few other tools that Stampin’ Up! have available.


In the end I demonstrated one card at a time and we moved the stamps around the table.  It worked really well and everyone had a great time stamping.  Most of the people that attended hadn’t stamped before.  I love sharing stamping with people and sharing with people that have never stamped before is fantastic.


These two guys were amusing to watch and also a joy to watch. Their team work was fantastic as they worked through getting the image as perfectly as they could on the card.


The below photo is of the fantastic people that attended, including myself.  They were all fantastic and I look forward to doing this again at the next conference in 2 years if I’m given the opportunity.


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